May 142014

Sit! I said Sit, dang it!” Have you ever yelled that at your dog before? I have. And while the sit command seems to be a simple request, we humans seem to think our dogs should understand it the very first time we yell it at them. But sorry to tell you, it doesn’t work that way…

Teaching your dog basic OB commands is not only a way to establish a strong working bond with your dog, but it also is a great way for your dog to live. You see, domesticated dogs live to please and with a job to do (being commanded certain things to obtain their daily requirements), they will flourish as dogs.

So let’s get right to the training. Before we get into “sit/stay” stuff, let me first tell you about the four different training phases I use.


Teaching your dog is more complicated than just repetitive actions that form a behavior. Yes, your dog will do “ok” with that command you teach in the front room, but what about using that same command in a “high stress” environment?

You see, just because your best friend will “sitz” (I teach my GSDs in German, for ease of Schutzhund) for you in the living room without distractions, but what about when you are at the park, and 17 kids are all running up to you and your GSD? Will he break that command? I dare say so, unless you are using the 4 basic phases below:

  1. Learning Phase
  2. Distraction Phase
  3. Correction Phase
  4. Maintenance Phase
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