Mar 162014

Of course we all love our dogs. Of course, we want the best for them, right? Well, let me tell you that just as the Cigarette Industry continues to sell a product that is well known, and not disputed, to cause cancers and other major health problems – including death – the Pet Food Industry is doing the same thing!

In any bag of your name brand kibble, the packages list it’s nutritional values, etc. If you surf to the list of ingredients, you’ll find that in most – if not all name brand kibbles – contain Wheat and Corn fillers. In those two ingredients contain the proteins that shoot up their nutrition values. Now, that would be great if our canine companions where created with the same “systems” that we humans have. But that’s simply not the case.

You see, we humans are omnivores. We eat meat as well as greens and grains (such as wheats). Rabbits and cows are herbivores, as they eat strictly greens and grains. There is no meat within their diets. Carnivores (Whether you believe they’re carnivores or omnivores, dog’s possess an undeniable carnivorous bias), however, get their nutrition from killing and eating other omnivores and herbivores. Of course, the animals carnivores eat are typically smaller than they are!

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